Popular Water Saving Shower Heads

Aroma Sense Shower Head - Intro Offer from Water Sense Ireland
Aroma Sense €99.99 €124.99
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The Aroma Sense TV Offer from Water Sense Ireland
Aroma Sense - TV OFFER €99.99 €152.99
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Power Plus Shower Head - Wide Spray Plate
Power Plus - Wide Spray Plate €49.99
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Power Plus Shower Head - Narrow Spray Plate
Power Plus - Narrow Spray €34.99
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Save on Water Charges with Water Sense Ireland.

Water charges are nearly upon us. Our shower range saves water, saves money and improves your everyday shower experience.
Our Aroma Sense Shower Head gives you the best Vitamin C shower experience available, right in your own home.
Increase your shower pressure instantly with our Power Plus Shower Head range.  Use less water while boosting water pressure in over 98% of shower installations.
Our market entry Value Sense Shower Head brings style to any bathroom while using less water and boosting water pressure at a very affordable price.



Wake up Ireland & take our 4-minute Shower Challenge!

August 19, 2014


Following on from last week, we think it’s worth looking at more handy ways to prepare for water charges in this country.  First, a few key facts about what impact your daily shower has on your water usage:  In particular we’re going to focus on showers and how we can adjust our usual routines to ensure we are keeping on top of water usage....

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Top Ten Water Saving Tips

August 12, 2014

We talked a little about this in our last blog when we introduced our new Time Sense shower timer. With water charges imminent, it’s important we understand how to use our household water more efficiently and save on both costs and energy.   

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