Popular Water Saving Shower Heads

Water Saving OFFER
Water Saving OFFER €99.99 €143.00
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Inflight OFFER (CARA Magazine)
Inflight OFFER (CARA Magazine) €99.99 €143.00
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Power Plus Shower Head - Wide Spray Plate
Power Plus - Wide Spray Plate €49.99
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Power Plus Shower Head - Narrow Spray Plate
Power Plus - Narrow Spray €34.99
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Save on Water Charges with Water Sense Ireland.

Water charges are nearly upon us. Our shower range saves water, saves money and improves your everyday shower experience.
Our Aroma Sense Shower Head gives you the best Vitamin C shower experience available, right in your own home.
Increase your shower pressure instantly with our Power Plus Shower Head range.  Use less water while boosting water pressure in over 98% of shower installations.
Our market entry Value Sense Shower Head brings style to any bathroom while using less water and boosting water pressure at a very affordable price.



Is your water causing excess limescale?

September 16, 2014

It’s a huge problem in Ireland –70% of water supplies in Ireland suffer from hard water - which means limescale really builds up.  When we think of limescale, often we think of the off-white, slightly flakey interior of an old kettle but its effects can be seen all around the house.

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Pull the plug on pesky leaks!

September 09, 2014

Now that the charges are approaching we need to think about all the ways we can save money to avoid paying high water charges every month. Where previously we might have put up with a small leak or dripping tap, now we need to be vigilant and sort these things out quickly.

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