Popular Water Saving Shower Heads

The Aroma Sense TV Offer from Water Sense Ireland
Aroma Sense - TV OFFER €99.99
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Aroma Sense Shower Head - Intro Offer from Water Sense Ireland
Aroma Sense - Intro Offer €79.99
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Power Plus Shower Head - Wide Spray Plate
Power Plus - Wide Spray Plate €49.99
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Power Plus Shower Head - Narrow Spray Plate
Power Plus - Narrow Spray €34.99
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Save on Water Charges with Water Sense Ireland.

Water charges are nearly upon us. Our shower range saves water, saves money and improves your everyday shower experience.
Our Aroma Sense Shower Head gives you the best Vitamin C shower experience available, right in your own home.
Increase your shower pressure instantly with our Power Plus Shower Head range.  Use less water while boosting water pressure in over 98% of shower installations.
Our market entry Value Sense Shower Head brings style to any bathroom while using less water and boosting water pressure at a very affordable price.



Keeping it clean – why removing chlorine benefits your water

July 20, 2014

Chlorine was initially introduced to water to remove microorganisms and waterborne pathogens such as salmonella, E-coli and viral diseases like polio and hepatitis.  Initially it was intended to eliminate the spread of disease or contamination.  However, over the last few years, it has been well documented ....

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Simply........ Twist and Shower

July 15, 2014

Not everyone is a DIY whizz – in fact I know plenty that struggle to locate a screwdriver when something pops out of place in the house!Here at Water Sense Ireland, we believe that buying new products for your home or improving your ... 

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It’s a grand soft (hair) day!

July 08, 2014

It's a grand soft (hair) day

The benefits of Vitamin C have been well documented for their extensive health properties.  However, little is attributed to how its presence in water can improve both skin and hair condition.  When added to flowing..

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