Still, sparkling or tap? It all costs money now

The newly installed meters are now ticking and water, as a free utility in Ireland, is alas no more.

The resounding question on everyone’s lips, from Morning Ireland panel talks to multiple media articles is: How much will I have to pay?


A popular online media site is currently running a poll asking if people plan to pay their charges at all. Meanwhile, a Sunday newspaper reported that one in 5 stated they are unlikely to pay the charges. It will be interesting to see what January brings when the first bills land. Certainly it’s clear to see that there will be further issues ahead.


For the first 9 months, the bills will be capped but beyond this, the real charges will come into effect. The first bill will arrive in January, and anyone with a meter will have their water use assessed and given a rebate if they have been overcharged. Metered rates have been set at €4.88 for 1,000 litres of water for homes which need both waste and drinking water services. In other words, the Irish public will be paying just under half a cent per litre.


If we look at the UK, it’s fair to say that water usage here will be broadly similar, it averages at 153 litres per adult, per day. At our new charges, that will amount to about €272 per adult (before any allowances), per year. When the smoke and mirrors all disappear and everyone is registered and used to paying for 9 months, this is what the real cost of water will begin to look like for the people of Ireland. There will be no hiding from the charges either - householders who fail to register face a €424 annual water charge.


It’s clear that as a nation we need to change the habits of a lifetime. We really urge you to check out our recent blog on water-saving tips across your home. Time to think twice before allowing that tap to gush unchecked.


Stay tuned for next week’s blog when we will show you what has happened to water charges in the UK in the last 10 years. Will you be surprised, and potentially horrified, to learn that over this time they have increased by 80%!!!


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