Vitamin C: the wonder vitamin that helps in so many ways

Since we were young, and told to drink our glass of morning juice, we’ve known of the benefits of Vitamin C in warding off winter colds. We’ve looked at this in a previous blog, however, since then we have been researching a little more into its qualities and benefits and came across a really interesting US study connecting it with the prevention of hair loss.   There is so much more to this super vitamin! Naturally our curiosity was piqued, as this is not something we had heard much about before.


Firstly, let’s look at Vitamin C in a little more detail. Known also as ascorbic acid, it is one of the essential nutrients. We don’t produce it ourselves so we need to get it from our diet or by taking supplements.   It is a crucial component for healthy skin and hair, important in the production of collagen, is necessary for healthy skin, bones, ligaments, muscles and blood tissues.

According to this research, a low blood level of the vitamin is strongly linked with dry and splitting hairs and hair loss in general.  Vitamin C has anti-toxic and anti-oxidant qualities, which means it can aid in eliminating free radicals, which damage skin and hair.

In 2011, a group of Korean researchers from Kyungpook National University tested the theory that Vitamin C has a positive effect in the reversal of hair loss.   They investigated the effects of Vitamin C on skin cells of balding men, and the results showed some improvement and renewed hair growth.   Not being scientists here we’re not going to endorse or dismiss such claims but what these studies do show for certain is that this vitamin is intrinsically linked to healthy skin and hair.

Some of the Vitamin-C rich foods readily available in Ireland include oranges, lemons, grapefruits, strawberries, kiwis, blueberries, tomatoes, green peppers, pineapples and spinach. Time to load up that shopping trolley to super boost the immune system before winter really kicks in!


Alongside ingesting through food, you can enable it to be absorbed through the skin. Topical (direct) application is most beneficial for hair and skin as very little of the vitamin, taken orally, actually reaches the skin. Our Aroma Sense Shower Head adds Vitamin C to the water as you shower. So as well as removing up to 98% of residual chlorine from the water, your skin gets that much needed vitamin C boost that it so often misses out on.


So starting the day with that glass of juice and an Aroma Sense shower will really pay dividends in terms of the quality and condition of your hair and skin. For more details, check it out here.